Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Good Songs You Never Heard Before

I have a large music collection with a lot of great songs that most people have never heard.  I thought I would start up a series of posts featuring some of these songs.  We'll start off with 5 and see how it goes.  For this set I tried to get some variety in terms of genre.

The first song is Head2Toe by a rapper from New Orleans named Affliction.  He has been one of my favorite lesser known rappers for many years.  Affliction has a lot of good tracks.  Right now his music is hard to find online.  I recently tracked him down and asked him about his music.  He said he lost inspiration and is no longer recording new songs.  I hope he gets back into it one day. 
Affliction - Head2Toe

Next is a band from the 90's called Size 14.  They can be compared to Weezer in terms of musical style.  Size 14 released 1 album and had a minor hit with the alternative radio stations.  They have a lot of catchy songs.  It's too bad they broke up so soon.  Here is a song from them called Earthquake.
Size 14 - Earthquake

Camila Salvagno is a singer I found on Myspace a few years ago.  She is a young soulful singer from New York who posted a few songs online.  She has a Youtube and a Twitter, but neither of them are very active.  I don't know if she is still making music, but I hope so.  Here is a good song for the Summer called It's About To Begin.
Camila Salvago - It's About To Begin
In the early 2000's I was lucky enough to work on the music staff at a radio station.  There I got to hear all the new cds that were released each year.  Most of the songs we got were not that great, but every now and then I found a gem.  One of those gems was a band called Damone, and here is a song by them called Frustrated Unnoticed.  They have a female lead singer and their style is like pop mixed with punk. 
Damone - Frustrated Unnoticed

Lastly I thought I would share a song I found from a fellow electronic music producer who goes by the name Wund3rkind.  I don't know too much about him and I don't know if he is still making music, but he is definitely talented.  Here is a song with a hard dance beat and some amazing melodies. The song is called Chiproots.  Enjoy!
Wund3rkind - Chiproots

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