Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There is So Much Plagiarism on the Internet!

I have written many original articles on the internet over the past couple years. recently I had my articles taken off of one site so I could move them to a new site without there being 2 of the same article online. (Websites don't like when you submit articles that are identical to those found on other sites).

So no problem right? Well I come to find out that even though I had my articles taken down from the 1st site, several other spam sites have copied my articles. So now I can't even use my own articles because to the new website, it looks like I am copying them from other websites.

If there was just one incidence or one website, I could take care of it by reporting them and having the articles taken down, but it is not just one, I have found at least 10 different sites that have stolen my articles. When I request that they be removed, they ask me to provide all this length information for the case to be considered. It's not even worth it.

There needs to be some better policing of the content being published on the internet. People are just going around copying text, throwing up a ton of ads and trying to make money on other peoples work. Hopefully there is better moderation of this in the future.

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