Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Song Are You Listening To... (Insert City Here)

Chances are you have seen Ty Cullen's video on Youtube; the one where he goes around and asks strangers what song they are listening to. It's a simple idea, but it is genius. It lets you know what music people are listening to and you get a tour of a city, in Ty's case New York.

As you might imagine, this video idea has spread rapidly and now there are "What song are you listening to" videos from all over the world! I have watched at least 30 different versions so far and here are a few of my favorites:



Sao Paulo

It's amazing how music brings everyone together. If you notice, the people in these videos are complete strangers going about their business alone. When they are asked the question, they instantly light up with a smile! People want to share what they are listening to with others and it makes them happy. It's inspiring. I would like to make one for my city. How about you?

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