Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sam Simmons - Comedian from Australia

I recently discovered a new funny guy named Sam Simmons.  He makes videos, does interviews, and does stand up comedy routines.  I think his material is Hilarius so I thought I would share some of the funny video I have found.

The first one is Sam interviewing Patience Hodgson from the band The Grates.  This is actually how I first discovered him.  The Grates are a terrific band and this interview with their lead singer is awkward and funny at the same time.

In this next one, Sam works with a new intern and shows him the ropes in a series called Right Way Wrong Way.

Lastly, here is an interview he does with Cyndi Lauper in a series called Not Very Good Trivia.

 Sam Simmons has a lot of other funny videos.  Check out his channel here.

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