Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nina Conti - Comedian and Ventriloquist

I just discovered a super talented lady named Nina Conti.  She is well known for her ventriloquist talents.  Now I have never been a big fan of ventriloquism, but as soon as I saw a video of her act on Youtube, I became a huge fan!  She has a puppet monkey named Monk who is adorable.  The two of them make a great combo.  Nina makes their conversations seem so real, you will forget that Monk is really just a puppet and it is really all Nina.
Here is a video of Nina and Monk giving an interview when a talking robot dog approaches them. 

Here is an example of Nina in more of a written, television show format.  She and Monk are performing at a corporate event and then they are invited to a dinner party.  Enjoy!

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