Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nina Conti - Comedian and Ventriloquist

I just discovered a super talented lady named Nina Conti.  She is well known for her ventriloquist talents.  Now I have never been a big fan of ventriloquism, but as soon as I saw a video of her act on Youtube, I became a huge fan!  She has a puppet monkey named Monk who is adorable.  The two of them make a great combo.  Nina makes their conversations seem so real, you will forget that Monk is really just a puppet and it is really all Nina.

She also puts ventriliquit masks on audience memebers and provides the voices for them.  Here is an example from one of her shows where she brought up some volunteers:

Here is an example of Nina in more of a written, television show format.  She and Monk are performing at a corporate event and then they are invited to a dinner party.  Enjoy!

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