Sunday, July 10, 2011

Techno Viking

Have you seen this phenomenon known as the Techno Viking? He is from a viral video that apparently came out in the early 2000's. I just recently discovered it through KnowYourMeme. Basically it is a guy who looks like a viking and he is marching with people in a parade along to some techno music. Here is the video. Note, this is not the original copy because the original is blocked for some reason.

There are some significant events that happen in this video. It starts out with a girl dancing solo to the music when some random guy runs into here. Quickly, the Techno Viking apprehends him, and sends him away. He points again so the guy knows to keep walking.

Next Techno Viking begins to march and lead the group all while executing some awesome dance moves. Not long after he is approached by a man who offers him and inverted upside down water bottle. The Techno Viking accepts the water and takes a drink before returning the bottle to the owner.

The Techno Viking continues to dance and is soon approached by another person who hands him a flyer. He studies the flyer, folds it, rips it and disposes of it, and continues to dance.

Some parodies have been made performing reenactments of the scene which are pretty funny. There are also remixes of the Techno Viking video using other songs.

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