Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Top 10 Blog Posts of the Past 2 Years

Today is the 2 year anniversary of this Connected Isolation blog.  There have been many changes over the years including the name, the look, and the overall purpose and goal.  This blog started out just as an experiment where I would write about whatever was on my mind.  There were not many page views at all in the beginning.  Now the articles are more focused and directed towards the readers and the blog gets steady traffic every day.

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary, I thought I would review the top 10 most popular articles on this blog.  Here they are:

1. Eden Wood - Cutie Patootie - I'm not sure why, but this article about the child beauty pageant girl named Eden Wood gets more traffic than any of my other posts.  It's just a paragraph and a video that pokes fun at the song she performed on The View.  What is interesting is that the comments section really took off.  Apparently there is a big feud between the fans of Eden Wood and the fans of another girl named Mackenzie.  You can see from the comments how these 2 camps go back and forth.  Anyway, this goes to show, you never really know what will be popular on the internet.

2. The Grates - New Highly Recommended Band! - I'm surprised and happy to see this is one of my most popular articles.  I discovered this band called The Grates not too long ago.  I loved their music so of course I wanted to write a blog about it to share with the world.  I'm glad to see it is getting some attention. If you haven't heard this Australian band yet, check them out!

3. Illinois License Plate Renewal Fee - This was an article I wrote about my frustrations with having to pay the annual free for Illinois license plate renewal. By the traffic, you can see that other drivers are also fed up with these outrageous fees.

4. Songs Stuck in My Head - This was one of my earlier blog posts from 2009 about some songs that were stuck in my head at the time.  I think the title of this post drew some traffic from others who had songs stuck in their head.  It's interesting how one of the songs included was "Threw It On The Ground" by Andy Samburg, and just this week The Lonely Island posted the video on their Youtube channel.

5. Top 10 Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe To - People love lists and videos, so it is no surprise that this post about the best Youtube channels was a hit.  I'm a daily visitor to the site and I am really into the subscriptions feature.  In this post I share my favorite Youtube channels.

6. 5 More Good Songs You Never Heard - Apparently this post was more popular than the first post about 5 good songs people haven't heard.  In this one, I recommend 5 songs that most people have never heard before.

7. Best Websites on the Internet by Category - I'll admit I spend a lot of time on the internet, probably too much.  Because of this, I have an extensive collection of saved bookmarks/favorites of websites on the internet.  In this post, I round them up and share the best ones I have found with the world.

8. AT&T DSL Problems, False Advertising, and Frustration - This article was about my problems with AT&T internet.  I had some many issues with them during this time.  Lately, they have been ok, but still the billing seems to be off from time to time.  Overall though I have been satisfied with their service and I plan to stick with it for the time being. 

9. Reddit Sucks - Here's another similar post where I express my dissatisfaction with the website Reddit. I do like Reddit and visit it on a daily basis, but there are still reasons why it "sucks".  The community is still mean spirited and negative.  The structure and functionality of the website is still not user friendly.  I really think this website can become one of the most popular on the internet, but it needs to address some of these issues.

10. CathyMay15 - Youtube Star - CathyMay15 is a Youtuber who like Rebecca Black became famous for the wrong reasons.  Her singing covers on Youtube drew much hate and became viral.  Since then, she sort of disappeared, at least from Youtube.  She may be posting new videos on Facebook, but I haven't seen any.  Anyway, she is a viral star and that is why this is the number 10 most popular blog post on Connected Isolation.

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