Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer TV Show Reviews and Upcoming Shows

The Summer is in full swing and so are the summer tv programs.  In this blog I will go over the shows I am currently watching as well as some shows that will be coming back and premiering this Summer.

Currently Watching:
One of my favorites right now is So You Think You Can Dance.  You don't have to be a dancer to like this show.  Sure the dancers are talented, but there is so much more to the show including the entertaining judges, guests and host, as well as the behind the scenes where we get to learn about the choreography and back stories of the contestants.  SYTYCD is currently in it's 8th season and going strong.

America's Got Talent is another show I am watching this year.  I didn't follow it closely in previous years, but this year I have been staying up on it pretty well.  It's a fun show to watch because there is so much variety.  The best acts are the ones you have never seen before.  I wonder why they ave common acts such as singers and dancers.  There are other specialty shows for things like that.  This show should just be about unique talents and acts that you can't see anywhere else.  Never the less, live shows start next week and I will be watching.

Have you seen the show Friday Night Lights?  Apparently it's been on for 5 seasons and the series finale is this Friday.   I just started getting into this show a few weeks back and it is very good!  It's like a movie the way it is filmed.  There is a lot of drama and good acting and it showcases middle America which doesn't get noticed as much as the big cities.  I plan on going back to watch the earlier seasons of this show.

Love In The Wild is a new show that is on NBC this year.  It follows the same format of many shows before it where there are a bunch of singles competing in challenges and each week 1 couple goes home.  This one takes place in the jungles of Costa Rica.  So far I have been watching it and it is ok.  The environment of Costa Rica is beautiful so it is worth checking it out just for that.  Also, the drama between couples keeps it interesting as well.  Check it out if you like reality competition shows.

Upcoming Shows:
Big Brother 13 is premiering this Thursday and I am looking forward to it.  I just started watching the series last year and I became a huge fan of the show.  It is one of the best reality competition shows out there right now in my opinion.  They have the formula down and the show is well produced.

Curb Your Enthusiasm has a new season starting this Sunday.  Larry David is a comedic genius and if you are a fan of comedy, or Seinfeld, this show is a must watch.  Can't wait to see what Larry gets himself into this year.

Hells Kitchen is back already with a new season starting July llth.  Although I am not a fan of all Chef Ramsey's shows I do like Hell's Kitchen, probably the best out of all of them.   I will be watching this season as Chef goes through a new batch of contestants to find the next great chef.

Finally, Breaking Bad is coming back July 17th.  I am so excited for this show.  It may be my favorite show on tv right now.  The last 3 seasons were amazing.  So much drama, such great characters.  Who knows what will happen this season, but I'm looking forward to it!

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