Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Song Recommendations: G-Eazy, Phene, and Tom Haverford?

Today's blog recommends 3 hip hop songs. The first one is "Well Known" by G-Eazy. G-Eazy is a rapper/producer I found a while back and I have become a big fan. What I like about his music is the choice of samples he uses. He always finds good songs both from the past and the present to incorporate into his tracks. Most of the time these are unknown songs so it's good for finding new music. In this song G-Eazy samples a song by the girl group Au Revoir Simone.
G-Eazy - Well Known

Next is a track by a rapper named Phene called "Out Of My Way". I found this through the producer Phoenix who made the instrumental. It has one of those emotional feels to it with a positive message. These kinds of songs always strike a chord with me. We need more positive inspirational songs in this world.
Phene - Out Of My Way
Phene - Out Of My Way by Phoenix Says

Lastly we have the song Turn My Swag On by Tom Haverford. Ok, Ok, so it's actually by Soulja Boy, but I found it though the show Parks and Recreation when Tom is in the club and the song comes and he starts singing along with it. A great character and a great show.

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