Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Emmys Review

Being a fan of tv, of course I had to watch the Emmys.  I watched the red carpet show and then started watching the actual show.  About half way though I did flip over to 20/20 because they had a good episode, but I was flipping back and forth and I have read up on all the winners.  Here are my thoughts on the results.

I'm surprised that Modern Family gets so much support from the Emmys.  They won a lot of awards including best comedy series.  It's not a bad show.  It's watchable, but it not as good as people make it out to be.  I'll watch it if there is really nothing else on.  There are funnier shows on tv including The Office, Parks and Recreation, and one that no one seems to ever talk about or recognize, Rules of Engagement.  Rules should definitely get some recognition one of these days.  They have a lot of great characters and all the episodes are funny.

From what I saw, Jane Lynch did a pretty good job.  I like the opening number.  It reminded me how much I like tv!

One of my favorite parts was when they were announcing the best actress and all of the nominees walked up on stage when they called their names.  It was a little surprising to see Melissa McCarthy with, but I think she earned it.  I'm not a huge fan of Mike and Molly, but I think she is a great actress on that show.

One thing that bothers me is repeat winners on these award shows.  If you win one year, the next year, it should go to someone else.  The Emmys are a prized award and there are not enough opportunities to win one to keep giving it to the same person. For example the guy who hosts Survivor has won it the last 4 years.  WTF?  Why?  Your telling me he is so good that none of the other nominees deserve an Emmy?  I was hoping Kat Deeley would win it.  She is a great host and there is no reason why she couldn't have had the win. 

Same thing with the Amazing Race.  I know that show has won multiple times and it's not even good.  I have watched it on several occasions and for a reality competition show it is pretty boring.  There are so many better choice to win in this category.

Did anyone notice the little backgrond jokes that the announcer would say when the winners were walking to the stage?  Who's idea was this?  Everyone is clapping and no one is paying attention so it doesn't work.

I was happy that Kyle Chandler won for Friday Night Lights.  I have mentioned how I like this show in a previous blog.  He plays the role of the coach and he does and amazing job, so this award was well deserved.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed because many of the shows and actors I wanted to win did not.  It really is just opinionated when it comes to the selections and everyone has a different opinion, so who's to say who is right.  You don't need an award to validate your work as a person or as a show.  The fans support and viewership is what matters.

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