Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-11 : My Experience Looking Back

Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of the September 11th tragedy so I thought I would write a blog about what I remember from that day.

I was a freshman in college and I was in my dorm room that morning with my roommate getting ready for classes.  We either had the tv on or someone told us to turn on the tv that morning because something big was happening live.  We watched as news reporters showed the towers giving out smoke.  No one really knew what was going on and it was like no one wanted to believe it.

I remember the towers crumbling thinking it just looked like a Hollywood movie.  Myself, and some of the other students on the floor watched in disbelief.  Even the custodian in the building stopped what he was doing and came into our room to watch. 

Once it was clear that it was a terrorist attack, we got a little scared.  Number 1, we lived in a large building and if those were the targets, we had something to be worried about.  Also, we thought that since this was a huge attack, they would have to start a draft and we would have to go into the military and fight. 

Looking back now and seeing all the new footage and stories on tv, I still get emotional about it.  I didn't even know anyone personally who was there, but I still feel great sadness from what happened to all those innocent people.

Even with all loss of that day, some good did come out of it.  It made our country more secure so the likelihood of something like this happening again is much less.  It also brought the country together as one.  That is what really stood out to me the most was how after that event, we were all on the same side.  Before that day, we had competitors and enemies here in our own country. After that happened, instantly, were were all close like brothers and sisters.

We will never forget that day, how we felt, and what we learned.  Even the new generation that was too young or not even born yet will learn about what happened from all the documentation and footage.  Hopefully nothing like that ever happens again.

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