Saturday, September 24, 2011

TV Review: Big Bang Theory, Parks and Rec, The Office, Whitney

Here is a quick review of some of the new fall tv show premieres that happened this week.

I was a fan of The Big Bang Theory in the earlier seasons, but not so much last season.  This episode was ok, but seems to be similar to last season.  I laughed maybe once.  I think the show is losing steam.  I still say the best character combo is Sheldon and Penny.  Either do more with those 2 or get Sheldon a love interest.  Bring back Judy Greer and have them get together.

Out of all the comedy showings this week, Parks and Recreation was my favorite.  It was great last season and it seems to be right where it was when they left off.  Aubrey Plaza is looking good this season, but I hope she doesn't lose the awkwardness of her character.

The Office is back with James Spader as the new boss or CEO as they have promoted him.  I think he is a good addition to the show.  He rally mixes things up and puts everybody on edge.  It's refreshing.  It should be good this season.

I have been looking forward to Whitney since I have become a fan of her videos on Youtube.  After watching the show, I thought she was great.  The show overall was a little bland, but actually I watched it again on a repeat and it was better the 2nd time around.  I think the character need a few episodes to develop their characters.  Whitney herself is good enough to tune into the show.  I'll stick with this one.

I watched the new episode of Raising Hope, and while I enjoyed it last season, I didn't really like this last episode.  They made it out so that the main character used to be a singing prodigy, but lost his talent after being hit in the head.  They kidded that shows with baby's only last one year.  Well this got a 2nd, but maybe that was too much.  

Lastly, Kitchen Nightmares is back with a new season.  Not much needs to be review with this one since it is the same kind of thing as previous years.  I like it enough to watch each week.

Don't forget to tune in for Rules of Engagement which returns on October 8th!

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