Friday, September 23, 2011

IQ Tests, Intelligence, Learning, and Brain Development

I took an IQ test the other day for the fun of it.  It was online and it was free.  Previous to taking this test I had considered myself to have about average intelligence.  I was never a straight A student and I don't seem to excel in any particular academic area.

So I take this test online.  It is about 38 questions and they are kind of hard.  They are logical questions that you really have to think about.  Also your time affects your score so there is pressure.  After I finished, I get my score and it is a 133.  I look up what that means and to my surprise, it is a very good score!  It is considered gifted and it means I scored in the top 2-3% of all test takers.

I thought I did ok on the test, but I never thought I would score that high.  I then tried another site with different questions and scored a 114 which is at the top of the average range, but I had many distractions during that test so I would bump it up to the above average range.  Still pretty good.

I would like to take the first test again, but it looks like they still have the same questions so that won't work.  So why did I score higher than expected?  I think one reason is because I had a decent education.  Another reason is that my social skills are not that great, so when I am interacting with other people, I tend not to talk a lot and I get kind of overwhelmed and can't think in social situations.  I think I am intelligent, but it doesn't show in those types of situations. 

Overall it was a bit of an ego booster to see those high results.  I would recommend everyone try it out.  Just search IQ tests and try out a few.

On a related note, I have been doing a lot of puzzles and brain teasers lately.  I have had extra time so I have also been learning about different topics, for example refreshing myself on Spanish and world geography.  Even with this short time I have been practicing and learning, I can really feel the results.  My vocabulary has been enhanced and I am using words that normally I wouldn't think to use.

Knowledge is one of the most important things you can have.  You should always strive to be learning and developing.  Don't waste time.  With all the resources on the internet available, you can learn anything you want for free.  Take advantage of these opportunities and fulfill your potential as a human being.

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