Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova Review

I watched the season premiere of the new series Terra Nova last night and overall I thought it was ok.  I like the futuristic and time travel elements.  The visuals and effects are pretty nice too.  It does play like a movie which is something you rarely see on tv these days. 

I like the actors that were chosen for the most part. The family is pretty good and the main Terra Nova guy is awesome.  Did anyone think that girl with the group of teens looked like a young Jan from the Office.  The resemblance was uncanny. 

One of the complaints I have is that it's a little unrealistic.  For example, I find it hard to believe that the main guy was able to escape prison and sneak into the portal with his family, not to mention they smuggled in the little sister in a back pack.  In this day in age, with this important of an event, it hard to believe something like that could happen. 

I would like to see some more advance weapons.  It seems like they should have more effective weapons to protect themselves from the dinosaurs. 

I like that they are starting up drama with the 2 different camps.  I also like that they have some mystery with the drawing on the stones and the son who has been missing.  I am not hooked on the show yet, but I will probably watch next week to see what happens.

UPDATE: So I watched the 2nd episode and it has kind of lost my interest.  I probably won't be sticking with this one.

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