Monday, October 10, 2011

Breaking Bad Season 4 Finale Review

So I just watched the finale of Breaking Bad and overall I have mixed feelings.  Warning, spoilers ahead!  Ok, I was glad to see Gus and his guys finally get what was coming to them.  Walt and Jesse can relax now.  Overall I thought the episide had some big moments, but most of it was a bit slow, especailly the parts with Tio spelling out words.  I think they could have edited those parts to move it along quicker. 

I had heard the finale would be "explosive", so the bombs didn't surprise me.  I like how Tio got revenge and helped Walt get rid of Gus, but the shot of Gus walking out and fixing his tie with half of his body blown off, I didn't like.  I get that Gus is hard to kill, but that was almost comical and totally unrealistic. I think it would have been better if they didn't even show him and you just heard what happened on the radio. 

I was surprised that they decided to blow up the factory, but it does make sense now that I think about it.  I was expecting a much bigger explosion, you know like you see in the movies with the good guys walking away and the huge explosion in the background.  Come on, no hero cliche for Breaking Bad? 

What was up with the flower shot at the end?  So are they saying Walt poisoned Brock on purpose?  I don't buy that.  So what, he did that so that Jesse would go to the hospital and then Gus would go there and he would blow up his car?  That is a bit far fetched to risk a kid's life.  Maybe I'm missing something, but something doesn't add up.  I'm going to listen to the BB podcast and maybe get some answers. 

So what is next?  I'm pretty sure they have one more season scheduled. They actually rapped this season up well and I could see it being the end of the series since Walt and Jesse are finally out of danger, but of course I want more.  I have a feeling the last season will have a lot to do with Walt trying not to get found out by his brother Hank.  You know there will be an investigation and there will be some clues that will tie him to it. 

Prediction, for the last season, I think Walt and his family will try to start fresh, but eventually the DEA and Hank will figure out that Walt was involved with everything.  He will possibly either go to jail, or Hank will get him out of it. I think he will be on his way to jail, but then he will die from his cancer before he even gets there.  It would be sad, but they knew it was coming and no one wants to see him in jail. 

Anyway, good season overall, maybe not my favorite season, but still very good.  Can't wait until season 5!

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