Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Rebecca Black of Interviewers - Pavlina from Pavlina's Kidz Place

After searching for comedian Brian Regan videos on Youtube, I discovered a young 13 year old interviewer named Pavlina.  She did a 1 on 1 interview with him that was entertaining for all the wrong reasons, much like the Rebecca Black phenomenon.  Pavlina is a sweet girl who's interviews skills are what you might expect from an average 13 year old, yet somehow she manages to score interviews with big names in the entertainment business.

After watching several of her videos, you can see she follows a similar format for most of them by asking some generic questions from her list as she reads them off.  She usually replies with a short answer like "oh that's cool", and then moves on to the next question.  Interviewers often appear taken back, but get a kick out of doing an interview with someone other than an adult for a major tv or radio station.

From reading Pavlia's Youtube profile and seeing her videos, I get the impression that she is one of those kids with a mom who pushes her to do everything and be the best to a point where it is too much.  I could be wrong, but it definitely seems that way. 

Right now she has a lot of video interviews, but surprisingly not a lot of views at all; we're talking maybe an average of 100 views per video.  Her videos have viral potential and as soon as a website like Reddit or some famous blogger posts about her, her numbers are going to sky rocket.

Here are some of my favorite interviews she has done:
Brian Regan

Vanilla Ice

Mia Michaels

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