Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last Man Standing Show Review

I watched Tim Allen's new sitcom last night and overall it was better than I expected.  It's your traditional family style comedy with Tim as the dad in a house full of girls.  The first couple episodes have focused on this theme with plenty of "man" jokes.  This is ok, but I have a feeling it may get old soon.

The wife in the show I didn't care for that much. She came off as a drunk mom who didn't really care.  Maybe that is her character, but it is not appealing.  There are 3 girls in the house, each with different personalities.  I thought they were ok.

I think the relationships are what will be the best part of the show, both between the family and the supporting characters.  Overall the jokes were quick and funny for the most part.  I'm not yet declaring it a required viewing show, but I'll probably check it out next week if nothing else is on.

Update: 4-5-15 Wow this show is still on the air.  I did not end up sticking with it but it is surprising that is is still on after all these years!

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  1. When I first saw that Tim Allen was coming out with another show, I rolled my eyes and said, "OH BOY!" I didn't know what to expect. Now don't get me wrong because I love Tim Allen. He is an amazing actor and always has me laughing. I just didn't think he would be on the small screen again. I was talking to a DISH co-worker about it and it turns out she really liked the show. I haven't seen a single episode but now I'm interested. I hope they have all of season one on so I can watch it. If not I will wait for it to show reruns and get a feel and until log in as a DISH customer and catch up on other shows. I hope the man jokes get to old and the mother gets a little light on her feet. Let's hope I enjoy it as much as Home Improvement!