Friday, October 21, 2011

Rules of Engagement - One of the Funniest Shows People Don't Know About

The new season of Rules of Engagement aired last night.  In case you haven't heard of it, it is a sitcom on CBS that has been on for about 5 seasons.  Due to odd scheduling and not much promotion, the show has gone someone unnoticed compared to other comedies such as The Office, Big Bang, or Modern Family.  I was lucky enough to catch onto it a while back.  I loved it and went back to watch all the episodes.

The show follows 2 couples, a middle aged couple, and a young couple.  It also features 2 side characters, one who is a rich, arrogant jerk, and another who is his employee who pretty much does what he says.  They all have different personalities and interact with each other throughout the episodes.  

In this new episode, Russel accidentally gets married to the girl Liz who he doesn't want to like, but for some reason, he can't help it.  I love this new character they have introduced.  I think she and Russel have great chemistry.  This should be a good season.

If you are new to the show, I recommend starting from the beginning so you learn who these characters are.  It is one of the best comedies on tv right now.  Don't pass it up!

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