Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 Best Youtube Channels of 2012

Here are the top 10 new Youtube channels you should check out for 2012.  The rules for this list include:
1. The channel must not have been featured previously on any of my 10 Best lists such as here and here.
2. The channel is funny or humorous in nature. 

So here are my favorite new Youtube channels of 2012:

1. Jaime Alyse
I randomly found funny girl Jaime Alyse through Vimeo and that led me to her Youtube channel.  Jaime along with friends Cate Duffy and Ross Brunetti make sketch comedy videos with a variety of funny characters.  I absolutely love them and can watch them over and over.  This channel is still new and relatively unknown at this time which makes it even more special.
Here is one of my favorites where they play 2 old ladies sitting on a bench in a park when one of their grandsons brings his girlfriend to meet them.

2. Jack Vale (JackValeFilms)
Jack Vale is a prankster who is known for his hidden camera videos where he goes around in public with a device he invented called the Pooter which makes fart sounds.  Those videos while juvenile, are pretty funny when you see people's reactions.  Thankfully Jack has started broadening his horizons and has branched out into other funny video ideas.
In this series called Hearing Things, Jack goes around and softly says "sir" or "ma'am" behind people, but then goes about his business like he didn't say anything.  The reactions are great.
3. Nathan Barnatt (NathanJBarnatt)
Nathan marches to the beat of his own drummer.  He is a character actor/dancer/stuntman/comedian and all around entertainer.  Many of his dancing videos have gone viral.  He embodies 80's culture and retro video games. 
Here is a music video he made about how he likes Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles more than his girlfriend.  Note, the whole main sequence was filmed in 1 take!

4.  Moving Mind Studio (MovingMindStudio)
This trio of fellows have been slowly gaining a following with their comedy sketch videos on Youtube.  They have done parodies of popular culture such as superheros as well as original concepts.
In this one, the boss's son who comes to visit has a habit of laughing out loud while his is in the middle of a drink.

5. Jenny Bede (Bedey100)
Jenny Bede is a talented girl from the UK who makes music video parodies.  She has covered popular artists such as Lana Del Ray, Jay Z, and Run DMC.
In this one she covers a Tinie Tempah song and makes it about Pippa Middleton and how she is getting attention from being the sister of Kate. 

6. Robbie Sherrard (RobbieSherrard)
Robbie is a comedian who just started gaining popularity this year.  He makes interview style videos where he addresses a variety of topics in a realistic and thoughtful way while blending humor into the mix.
Here is his most popular one where he talks about 3 types of girlfriends based on how they use the bathroom.

7. Kyle
 A Youtuber simply known as Kyle makes hilarious videos, most famously where he goes to events and interviews people in the most awkward way possible.  He also has a set of characters he plays and even has been known to do stand up comedy from time to time.
In this video he interviews people attending the Xtreme Nitro Circus.

8. Tom Mabe (MabeInAmerica)
Tom Mabe is another guy who makes hidden camera style videos where he creatively sets up funny situations and films what happens.  He also does interviews with people, but of course there is always a catch to them.
In this one, Tom gets a call from some woman's husband who apparently he has been having an affair with.  They get into an argument and he tells the guy to come meet him.  He then gives his description, only it is the description of innocent bystanders who have overheard his conversation. 

9. Ed Bassmaster (EdBassmaster)
Ed Bassmaster is a professional prankster with a handful of funny characters he plays as he goes around in public and talks to people. 
Here is one of his recent videos where he plays a cocky arrogent guy named Ron Johnson as he attends an event called Playlist Live.

Andrew Hales burst on the scene this year with his channel where he post pranks and social experiments.  He creates awkward situations with people and secretly films their reactions.  Here is a 2012 highlight video showing some of the funniest moments from his videos this year:

If you enjoyed these videos or have any recommendations for other channels, leave a comment below. 

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