Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reggie Watts - Comedian, Musical Artist, Improvisational Genius

Years ago I remember discovering a guy named Reggie Watts from a music video on College Humor.  The video was funny and I remember going to look him up at the time and there was not much out there at the time, so I kind of forgot about it.  Every now and then a new video would surface of him making an original song with his looping machine which were always great.  Then I saw him in the intro theme to Penelope Princess of Pets which is an excellent web series staring Kristen Schaal.     

Recently I started looking him up again and there are so many new videos of him performing live at shows and conferences.  He has definitely grown in popularity over the past few years and he keeps getting better each year.  After watching a bunch of his videos I can safely say that Reggie Watts is a musical and improvisational comedy genius.  He is the closest to the definition of the word "artist" as you can get with his creativity, boundary stretching, and cross categorical talent.  It is a treat to watch him perform even if it is just through video.  I thought I would share a few of my favorite video finds below.  Enjoy!

Reggie Performs Fuck Shit Stack Live at Just For Laughs

Reggie Live Performance at a Ted Talk 2011

Reggie Acting in an episode of Rumspringa Girls

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