Friday, June 29, 2012

Mariano's Monopoly Game - Rare Pieces

Mariano's is having a collect and win Monopoly game much like Jewel had had last year. Other regional grocery stores are participating in the same Monopoly game including Pick'nSave, Rainbow, Copps, and Metro Market. While the chances to win a big prize are slim, it's still fun to play these games.

You can collect all the pieces and glue them to your board, but to make it easier, it's best to know which pieces are the rare ones. For each prize there is one game piece that is hard to get. For the big prizes, there are actually 2 game pieces that are hard to get. I did a little research and thanks to Patty over at, here is a list of the rare game markers:

A 606
B 603
C 599
D 593
E 588
F 584
G 582
H 577
I. 575
J 570
K 567
L 560
M 557
N 555
P 550, 551
Q 543, 544
R 538, 540
S 532, 534
T 527, 530
U 522, 524
V 518, 519
W 514, 515
X 508, 511
Y 501, 505

The Monopoly game runs through August 29th so there is still a lot of time to shop and collect tickets. For a list of the odds of winning for each prize check out

You can use the comments below to share which pieces you have or which ones you need. Good luck!


  1. Want to hear something funny? I went though a stack tonight, and I now have completed EVERY SINGLE NON-RARE PIECE, and not a single rare one! Now let the REAL hunt begin!

    BTW, thanks for the info, very helpful!

  2. If anyone has t530 and wants the other 4(T527(the other rare piece), T538, T529,T531) i have them. email me title your email: monopoly game piece please

  3. Does anyone have j570 or i575 or e588??!

  4. I have of the rare R pieces, but I still need R538. If anyone has this and wants to share please contact me at

  5. A colleague and I had been playing the game since it started... He was trying to win one of the vacations and I was targeting the $30 thousand dollar kitchen make-over. Needless to say, neither he nor I won anything.

    In fact, I just checked the Mariano's monopoly game winners site and as of 8/24/2012, no one in the downtown Chicago store (on Randolph street, Chicago, IL 60601) has won anything.

    To me that just sounds mathematically impossible... Have we been had?