Monday, June 11, 2012

New Shows Review - Hells Kitchen, Love in the Wild, Secret Millionaire, The Choice

The new season of Hell's Kitchen has begun and while I have enjoyed previous seasons, it has just now occurred to me how much bleeping of swear words goes on in every episode.  If you pay attention to it, it seems like almost every line uttered on the show has some part of it bleeped out.  It's almost as if they purposely are using only lines and sound bite where people are cursing.  A little bit of bleeping here and there is ok, especially for Ramsey, but really it is getting out of hand on this show.  I'll be watching this one with less than average enthusiasm this year.

The 2nd season of Love in the Wild is on now.  This one falls into that category of guilty pleasures.  Basically it's a bunch of hot guys and a bunch of hot girls matched up and they compete in challenges.  Each week a coupke gets eliminated until there is only one left at the end.  There is a lot of drama and the setting is exotic and beautiful, so it's fun to watch.  This year Jenny McCarthy is the host which is an upgrade from last year, I don't even remember who it was.  She is as funny and good looking as always.

One of my favorite feel good shows Secret Millionaire is back.  Following the same format, millionaires go undercover and find less fortunate people in need.  At the end they reveal who they are and donate money to the individuals they have met.  I like the show, but I have one gripe about it and that is that sometimes it looks like the producers of the show preselected who they are going to help, yet on the show they make it out to appear as though the millionaires just happen to stumble upon these people and groups in need by accident.  Either way, it still good and always emotional.

One of my favorite ladies Cat Deeley is hosting a new show called The Choice.  It's a blatant copy of the show The Voice, except the celebs pick dates, not singers.  I don't know how they got away with the name and chair spin thing, unless it is from the same producers.  Anyway, I checked out the show and it was pretty bad. D list celebrities deciding if they want to go on a date with random people based on what they say in a few sentences.  I won't be watching, even with Cat.

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