Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Funny Girls - Jaime Alyse and Cate Duffy

I recently discovered a new Youtube channel featuring a couple of very funny and talented girls here.  They make sketch comedy videos and remind be of another duo I found a while back, Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting.  I have watched a handful of their videos so far and already I love them!  They are the kind of videos that can easily go viral, yet surprisingly, no one seems to know about them yet.  In fact, I was their first subscriber.  The channel is fairly new, so maybe that is why, but I'm guessing it is going to get huge as soon as people discover it.  Here are some samples of their work:

We Don't Have Much Time
In this one, they play a couple of old ladies sitting on a bench in the park talking.  One of their grandsons comes to meet them and brings his girl friend who they do not approve of.

In this one, the girls play a couple of homeless substance abusers who seem to be obsessed with someone named Gerry. 

Rumspringa Girls
This is part one of a web series where Cate plays an Amish girl who goes on a Rumspringa trip to New York City and forms a bond with Jaime who plays a native New Yorker. 

This is one of the best new channels I have found this year.  Expect it to be featured on the Best Youtube Channels of 2012 list.

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