Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boating - My Experience

This past weekend, my dad and I drove up to a lake and rented a boat.  This is really the first time we have done this.  I did some research to get familiar with how to operate a boat, but I have not taken any courses on it.  They taught us the basics and before you know it, we were off.

I found it remarkably difficult to steer the boat, especially when going at low speeds and maneuvering around piers.  Once out in the open, it was much easier to control, but I was still uneasy.  I could see people easily getting into accidents with other boats, not to mention people fishing who are just parked out in the middle of the lake.

We went around the lake for an hour and brought it back in.  Getting the boat back to the exact right place was the biggest challenge.  I thought I was going to damage it somehow, but it was ok and we made it.

Overall it was a decent experience, but for the cost, and nervousness associated with it, I would not want to do it again, at least any time soon.  I would be more inclined to go on a boat tour if someone else was driving it.

I thought about it and I don't really see the big appeal with boating.  It is so much work just to get out there and what do you get out of it?  You drive around a lake.  It's a little fun.  Maybe it's something to do once in a while, but some people buy a boat and do this often.  I guess I'm just not a water person.

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