Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Music - Cage The Elephant, Adrianna, Au Revoir Simone

I realized I haven't given any music recommendations lately, so here are 3 new songs to check out.  The first one is Shake Me Down by a band called Cage the Elephant.  I discovered this band while watching Lollapalooza on the Youtube live stream a couple weeks ago.  I liked their performance so I started checking out their songs and it turns out they have a lot of good songs.  In a time where I don't listen to a lot of rock, this band caught my attention.  Have a listen:
Cage the Elephant - Shake Me Down

Next is a collaboration between a singer named Arianna and a group called Seaside Clubbers.  I don't care for the rap part, but the voice of Arianna is something special.  It's weird, I have looked her up to find more songs by her, but have not found anything else that is like this song.  The vocals are in another language and that only makes it better.  There are several remixes of this song but this is my favorite version. Check it out.
Arianna - Ich Denke Oft An Dich

Last is a song by a group called Au Revoir Simone.  It is a 3 piece girl group.  The song is kind of sad and has an electronic style.  The video goes well with the song.  I check out some of their other songs, but this is definitely my favorite.  Might take a couple listens to get into it, but its good.
Au Revoir Simone - Sad Song
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