Sunday, August 21, 2011

HP TouchPad on Sale for $99

A few days ago HP decided to stop making their new tablet PC the HP Touchpad.  This is odd considering it is so new and touch screen PCs are very popular at the moment.  Apparently they thought they were not selling fast enough and that they could not compete with the Apple iPad.  This is a shame because if anyone can give Apple a run for their money, it is HP.

So as a result of this announcement, HP as well as most of the other retailers selling the Touchpad dropped the prices down to $99 for the 16 gig model and $149 for the 32 gig.  This is a huge price cut considering the tablet originally was selling for $400.

There was a furry of activity Saturday morning and pretty much all the places sold out of the Touchpads within hours.  I looked online and called a local store but wasn't able to get one.  HP has set up an email list for those that want to be notified when they get back in stock.

I wasn't really interested in buying a touch screen tablet, but you can't deny the great price that they are offering.  It's like getting a new touch screen computer for $100.  It's almost worth it even if you don't want one.

With all the news and people scrambling to get their hands on this discontinued product, HP should really capitalize on it.  It's obvious people want the Touchpad if it is at the right price.  Who is going to spend $500 on an iPad when you can get practically the same thing for a fifth of the price.

If I were HP, I might consider continuing to produce the Touchpad for a while and maybe take a hit on the sales price just to gain some market share and see what happens.  Maybe they can make the money back by selling apps for the Touchpad. 

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