Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Formation of Life: Genetics from Sperm and Egg Question

Life really is somewhat of a miracle how a sperm and an egg form together to create human life.  This is something humans have not figured out how to duplicate artificially.  We know it is all biology but could there be something deeper behind life that we don't know about or understand?

Take this question for example.  We all have a mother and a father.  Their sperm and egg created us and our life was formed.  Now say for example, your mother never met your father, but instead married someone else.  Then say by chance the new father's sperm joined with the exact same egg that you were first created from.  This means that you still have the same egg, but different sperm.  How would that effect the result in terms of life?

We know biologically you would have half of the genetics from your mother and half from the new father, but in terms of consciousness, how would that effect you?  Would you exist as you are today, or would it be someone else.  Would you have the same consciousness, but just a different body with different genetics?  This is something we don't really know and can't really test, as far as I know.  It is very interesting to think about.

It makes you question what is life?  Is it more than just the living human beings that we know?  Does our life exist before and/or after we physically die?  There is so much we don't know about our universe.  Anything can be possible.

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