Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SongsToWearPantsTo - Recommended Artist

Songs To Wear Pants To is the name of a guy who has been making original songs for people on the internet for years.  I remember checking out his website and his music years ago, but then forgot about it.  Recently someone posted a link to one of his songs and I rediscovered him on Youtube.  He is very talented and can make music in pretty much any style.  He also has a good sense of humor.  Here is one of his latest songs called Be Safe.  It is a fun, upbeat song that is extremely catchy.  Have a listen:

SongsToWearPantsTo who's real name is Andrew, also make serious songs.  Here is one called In The Sun.  The video is well done and the song is emotional and powerful.

To get an example of his funny side, here is a video of him promoting a new t-shirt design called Pants Shirts:

If you like fun music of all different styles, Songs To Wear Pants To is definitely worth checking out.  See more of his songs on his Youtube channel.

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