Saturday, August 6, 2011

Show Reviews: What Would Yout Do, Take the Money and Run, Up All Night

The show What Would You Do has been on for a while now, but I never mentioned it here.  This is the kind of show I want to like, but it is just not good.  I love hidden camera type shows such as Jamie Kennedy Experiment and Candid Camera.  What Would You Do comes up with situations and then films how people react to them.  The problem is, the situations they set up are so unrealistic.  It seems every time they introduce the next clip, I groan and switch the channel.  I want them to have some good segements, but it seems like every one is just unrealistic or something that has been done a million times.  Even when they had viewers send in ideas, it still wasn't very good.  Sometimes there are good clips here and there, but overall, it could use some improvement. 

Take the Money and Run is a new show where contestants have an hour to hide a briefcase with $100,000.  Then investigators have the next 48 hours to find the case while the people that hid it are kept in a jail and questioned.  It sounds like a decent show.  I watched the first episode, and it was kind of disappointing.  So the investigators can question the contestants, but can't they just not tell them anything?  It seems like they have a rule that they have to answer every question. Yes they can lie, and the investigators have to figure out when they are lying, but if this is the case, they should explain it.  I doubt I will continue watching this show.

Up All Night is a new show coming out with Will Arnett and Christina Applegate.  I like Will Arnett, but right now I am kind of tired of Christina.  It seems like she has been in a lot of shows that have not done very well.  It's like the is still riding the Married With Children wave.  By the way, where is Bud?  I was sorry to see Will's last show Running Wilde got canceled before it even ended.  I will probably check this show out when it airs to decide if it is worth watching.

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