Friday, August 19, 2011

Picture Day - Photographers and Awkward Yearbook Pictures

Why is it that photographers always make you sit in a weird positions when they take your yearbook picture?  I'm sure any student, teacher or anyone getting an identification picture taken can relate to this.  You sit down to have your picture taken.  Instead of just looking at the camera and them taking your picture, they have to give you all these instructions on how to turn, where to look, how much to tilt your head, which way to rotate, sit up tall, smile...

By the time you are done following all their instructions, you are all discombobulated and sitting in an uncomfortable position that it is nearly impossible to get a good picture.  I'm sure they tell people how to sit in order to get everyone's pictures to turn out somewhat the same, but it really seems like they are playing a practical joke on us all.  Like they get a kick out of making us look weird for our pictures. 

At least nowadays, the cameras are digital and you can see your picture right away to see if you like it or want to take a new one.  But of course there is a line so you can't stay there and go through a photo shoot session, so you end op taking one of the first ones that probably didn't turn out as good as you wanted. 

Anyone else feel the same way or go through the same situation when you are getting your yearbook or ID picture taken? 

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